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The Hope Center has made the

difference between success and

​failure, understanding and

​confusion, hope and despair,

for our family.

Marriage counseling

Be Kind To Yourself

Be Kind To Others

- Vince Hughes

Child Therapy
Sports Counseling
Family Therapy
& Resources


Got Tantrums?



This is a helpful guide to dealing with tantrums.  Still struggling? Give me a call.

Reduce stress to improve diabetes


​​Did you know stress can affect your blood sugar? Here is an article that tells you how. Come in and see me to learn stress reducing techniques.

​Can't Stop Fighting?



Here is a great guide to stop fighting with your loved ones. Still cannot find peace? Give me a call.

Being in a relationship can be a challenge.  Sometimes problems can seem insurmountable.  There is hope for those who wish to work on their relationships, where the process of healing can begin. Whether it be marraige counseling, premarital counseling, or reunification, help is here for you.

Couples Counseling

It is tough growing up in our society.  Sometimes those problems can be seen at home and in the classroom, even to the point of parents wanting to throw their hands up in frustration.  Through individual work with the youth and science-backed parenting skills, the youth can have a happier life and the parent-child conflict can be resolved. 

Youth Counseling
Individual Counseling

People can be faced with many different challenges that can be assisted with individual therapy.  From depression, anxiety, recovery from a loss, or divorce.  Not everyone needs to see a counselor but everyone can benefit from time with a trained and caring therapist.

Reunification Therapy

Sometimes there can be a disruption in relationships between family members that results in a loss of connection.  Through reunification therapy, these relationships can be restored.

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