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Funding and Payment

Money is a concern for most individuals and families.  At Calm Seas Family Services, I strive to meet the needs of every family and have various funding choices that you may wish to use.  Fees are based on family income to make sessions affordable to prevent the limiting of your growth based on financial stress.  Employee assistance programs and insurance payments can assist many with funding but others choose to pay independently for the flexibility and reductions in red tape that results.  Others choose to develop a long-term approach with preventative mental health appointments.   The choice is yours.

​Fee For Service

A sliding scale fee is listed below. Accepted forms of payment include cash, checks, and most credit cards.



Income                        Fee

$0-$60,000                  $80


$61,000-$70,000          $90


$71,000-$80,000          $110


$81,000 and higher     $120



I currently accept:


Blue Cross and Blue Shield



Others may choose to submit my fee for service for reimbursement with their insurance company.  I can provide receipts to you.


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