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At Calm Seas Family Services, I am able to meet nearly every need that you and your family may have.  Below is a small listing of the types of services that can be offered.  If a need is identified that I am not able to assist with, I have developed a significant referral network with other therapists in the area that I personally know and have worked with frequently. 

Individual Therapy

- Adolescents

- Adults

- Life changes

- Coping & Adjustments

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Psychosis

​Family Therapy

​- Couples counseling

- Marraige counseling

- Parent-Child relationships

- Parenting the challenging child

- Dealing with adolescent substance 


- Premarital counseling

- Adult children failure to launch

- Adult children caring for parents

​School Consultation

- Developing positive relationships with

   school personnel

- Assist in creating behavioral plans

- Educate and train school staff

- Parenting skills for improved grades

- Early intervention for poor performance

- Responding to aggressive behaviors

- Direct observation in school setting​

​Health Counseling

- Chronic illness management

- Coping with a new health diagnosis

- Weight management

- Family supporting family with

- Health problems


Sports Performance

- How to reach your next PR

- Thought processes that slow you down

- Stress management in training
- Setting new goals to achieve
- Tapering without fear
- Making it to your dream event

- Sports therapy

- Sports counseling


Employee Assistance

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Work stress

- New coping strategies

- Work performance issues

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